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Stuhl 606 von Rolf Benz

New Chair 606

Pillow-soft chair system

Rolf Benz 606: Gentle lines, cushiony appearance and soft comfortable seating comfort are no longer the sole preserve of the living area. The Rolf Benz 606 now gives you this graceful style at the dining table too. Rolf Benz collaborated with the design studio labsdesign to develop a system of seating with several different bases, to give you the maximum flexibility in design. The extremely comfortable and surprisingly light upholstered chair Rolf Benz 606 is available in several wood and metal versions, with and without arm section. One particularly homely touch is the chair’s side cushions that are pulled over the arm section.

Stuhl 653 von Rolf Benz

New: 394 by ROLF BENZ

Floating cushions

Delicate yet capacious, filigree yet cushiony – comfort and lightness combine together in a truly beautiful way in the new 394 armchair. In this design, Rolf Benz merges the international trend for the cushioned, quilted look with upholstered comfort, made in Southern Germany. This upholstered Rolf Benz 394 furniture is embellished with finely hand-crafted seams, and because it is so comfortable to sit on, it will readily become a favourite armchair. Its wire frame with its light modern base is available in high-gloss chrome, traffic black or umbra grey, depending on furnishing style. A comfortable stool was designed to match all the versions of the chair.

Couchtisch 973 von Rolf Benz

Couch Table "973" by Rolf Benz:

Minimalisim, perfected!

How many legs does the perfect coffee table need? In Pascal Bosetti's opinion, the answer is three. With the Rolf Benz 973, the designer has invented a flexible and functional table solution which also impressed the jury of the 2015 German Design Award. What's also impressive is the perfect craftsmanship, which you can witness in style in the making-of video. Fascinating close-ups show the viewer how robust blank leather, a chrome-plated piece of cast metal, painted sheet steel and legs of precious solid wood are melded together with all the skill of the true craftsman to create a perfect designer object. To put it succinctly: "Made in Germany" at its most beautiful, as Rolf Benz 973 is produced exclusively in Germany.