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Design: Norbert Beck

Design and Comfort – Rolf Benz Dono.

The Rolf Benz DONO range of sofas and modular units is an international bestseller. The continuous rail in leather, oak, walnut or elm veneer combines with the matt brushed stainless steel frame to give DONO its unmistakable appearance whilst at the same time it serves as an extremely practical shelf. Thanks to back cushions which can be attached at different points and adjusted on request, loose side cushions and optional seat depth adjustment (from 57 to 83 cm), you can move into a multitude of seating and relaxation positions. Rolf Benz DONO can even be converted into a comfortable guest bed by simply pulling out the seat. In the case of Rolf Benz DONO Classic, the seating cushions and back cushions are somewhat more solid than Rolf Benz DONO Lounge. Discover the ideal accompaniment to Rolf Benz DONO, the Rolf Benz 8730 coffee table.

As unique as you are
Every living room is cut from a different cloth, which is why we offer Rolf Benz DONO in the Classic and Lounge variants with a large number of different modular elements. Turn your own personal ideas into reality and select from more than 300 possible covers for the upholstery.

Dono Classic
The launch of Rolf Benz DONO Classic in 2004 set a new benchmark for design and comfort in sitting rooms. Since then, people from all over the world have been inspired by this unusual range of sofas and modular elements, making it an international bestseller.

Dono Lounge
Now, the classic characteristics of Rolf Benz DONO have been expanded to include Rolf Benz DONO Lounge. The smooth, soft upholstery of the seat and back cushions guarantee unique comfort – with modern craftsmanship making outstanding statements. With the soft seating comfort of DONO Lounge, Rolf Benz is satisfying the desire for pleasantly soft, casual and lounge-style seating and relaxing. The sensuous softness of the seat and back upholstery is accentuated by the way the back cushion draws in. The crowning on the seat cushions lends the range of sofas and modular elements an up-to-date and international seat look. The modern braided seam on the seat and back cushions gives Rolf Benz DONO lounge that special something.

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