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Design: Beck Design

Authentic Elegance – ROLF BENZ Aura.

The world is getting smaller, and so are living rooms. Increasing numbers of people live in large cities and are trying out different ways of being together. However, personal retreats still remain. Even when space is limited, sofa owners want to do everything in a high-quality environment that’s important to them: read and relax, sit with loved ones, or have a quick look at their smartphone or tablet. All that on an elegant sofa – preferably on Rolf Benz AURA.

With Rolf Benz AURA, Rolf Benz is picking up on the trend for authentic materials. In this composition, luxurious cushions rest on a delicate table top, which is available with (veneered) walnut or (veneered) natural slate surfaces. Rolf Benz AURA combines top-quality craftsmanship with luxurious seating comfort. The new sofa range is suitable for both large and small rooms, for individual sofas and seating groups, for relaxed evenings and guests.

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