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Design: Inhouse

Lounge-Architektur Deluxe – ROLF BENZ NUVOLA.

The debut of a breathtaking new lounge sensation: in NUVOLA - Italian for cloud - Rolf Benz has created a generous modular comfort system range for the luxury segment of the international upholstered furniture market. The lounge deluxe high-end upholstery has been designed exclusively for this exquisitely crafted casual modular sofa by the specialists in good seating from Nagold.

Modular Range
The tablet and the smartphone have made our lives a lot more mobile, both internationally and at home within our own four walls. Rolf Benz has responded to this development with a simple basic notion which promises maximum mobility: every individual element of the new modular range NUVOLA stands on its own four feet, so it can be used either free-standing or linked, depending on what you want. NUVOLA includes seating elements in different sizes, with and without armrests, and also backless upholstered benches. This allows you to change and revitalise your floor layouts at any time.A newly designed shelf unit and a linkable table (see below) allow you to create even more transparent and light-looking room architectures which are perfectly fit for purpose.In this way, NUVOLA is in keeping with the international trend for generous lounge living spaces. There are also three seat heights, two back cushions with sewn-on neck roll in different heights, three base versions and two grades of seating comfort available to choose from, so that you can personalise your furniture.

Deluxe seating comfort
Firstly, NUVOLA is available in the fabulously soft seating comfort grade Lounge Plus. What is more, Rolf Benz has specially devised, exclusively for NUVOLA, its own completely international, utterly soft, luxurious and casual looking comfort. To do this, Rolf Benz has used an innovative high-tech fibre – the first German furniture producer to do so. This provides a delayed sensation of sinking gently into the seat, and a greater resilience than the usual fibres. The basis of the seat of the lounge deluxe grade is an ergonomically shaped sandwich of three foams with a very high density in various compressions. The pad on top of this is made with the new high-tech fibres. In the coffer-chambers worked together with visco foam, the pad is again covered with three layers of a carefully made composite of nonwoven fabric and ticking. The back cushion also consists of this exclusive high-tech fibre.