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Design: Norbert Beck

Rolf Benz TENO. A naturalness you can feel.

There is so much beauty in nature that sometimes it's hard to get to grips with it. And it’s even better when you actually can - as with the Rolf Benz TENO, a sofa range designed for snuggling, resting and stretching out on. The striking seam work, a fall of folds inspired by flora and fauna on the back and in the angled armrests, is expressed particularly beautifully in silky smooth leather.

Rolf Benz TENO, with its luxuriously upholstered deep seats and stylish leg arches, brings a floating, lightweight lounge feeling straight out of nature. A sofa made with painstaking craftsmanship that you’ll really want to get close to. The lavish upholstery makes seating a delight even without the additional cushions. For anyone who likes a little more comfort still, Rolf Benz TENO can be enhanced with various loose back cushions or a tall cushion with a steplessly adjustable mechanism to offer superlative high-backed comfort. When it comes to personalised design too, the range offers 2 sofa widths, 16 modular elements in different sizes, 2 seat heights and 3 surfaces on the steel runners in black, grey or silver structured paint, leaving no wish ungranted.

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