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Design: Joachim Nees

Floating Happiness – ROLF BENZ TIRA.

Rolf Benz TIRA is the expression of pure joy and lightness. Luxurious-looking side sections on a filigree metal frame, superbly comfortable seat and back padding with lovingly-stitched decorative seams and graceful back shells give the German Design Award 2016-nominated sofa its characteristic, almost weightless aesthetics. Thanks to an innovative relaxation function Rolf Benz TIRA always guarantees a very personalised position to sit and relax in.

Always adjusts to your position
There simply isn't a more beautiful way to sit - or lie, depending on what you prefer. Even in its basic position, Rolf Benz TIRA offers first-class ergonomic seating. The relax function is triggered via a carefully crafted loop with a wooden handle. If the seat is moved forward, the back of the sofa converts into an additional seat cushion and increases the seat depth by around 42 cm. With the loose back cushion, which in this position lies on the back shell, the degree of relaxation is perfect. With the cushion removed, the sofa provides superlative comfort over a length of up to 180 cm.

Whether as an individual sofa or as a sofa-scape: Rolf Benz TIRA offers particularly generous scope for creating your own design. Even the feet are available in two heights and four different surfaces (silver textured paint, black painted, umbra grey painted or chrome-plated). The individual material combination of the upholstery, the back cushions and the back shells (painted in traffic black or umbra grey or covered in fabric or leather) allow you to create your highly personal sofa. Not only that, but the modular elements also feature a complete foot frame so that they can be positioned individually whenever required.

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