Sofas for living, made in Germany

Unique Design
The secret of a Rolf-Benz-Sofa? This is to be found in its unique symbiosis of the highest quality and perfect design. In order to create a genuine Rolf-Benz-classic one needs a good deal of design experience but also profound construction know-how. Decades of experience have been incorporated into each and every Rolf-Benz-sofa. Since the founding of the company in 1964 we have been perfecting our models and developing construction, upholstery and covers continuously. The result: a unique quality "Made in Germany" that is unmistakably Rolf Benz and may be detected in every inch of your sofa.

Excellent Seating Comfort
A Rolf-Benz-Sofa is unmistakeable. Anyone can see that. And feel it – when trying it out for the first time, but also after years of sprawling, lounging or relaxing upon it. You have the very highest demands we make upon quality and processing coupled with the accomplished know-how of excellent skilled workers with decades of experience to thank for this. Combinations of foamed material, perfectly attuned to one another and put together manually, are at the heart of the seating comfort that makes a Rolf-Benz-Sofa such a unique article. We guarantee this. Upon purchasing a Rolf-Benz Sofa you receive a five year guarantee – on the entire upholstery structure, function, construction, upholstery material and processing.

Quality Made in Nagold
Made in Germany is a quality seal. These three words give security and inspire trust. But in reality they are much, much more. They are an avowal of the value of an item of furniture and not merely its price. This is true also for Rolf Benz. Rolf-Benz sofas have been manufactured in Nagold, a tranquil town on the edge of the Black Forest for more than 50 years. It is our aim to allow you to detect our incomparable sitting comfort immediately. And this is why we advise you in the selection of the model suitable to you, the right textile cover or the choice of the suitable kind of leather. All in order that your Rolf-Benz-sofa might be the perfect place for you to relax on.